Best set of features including functionality, features and design in association with e-commerce keeps the sole importance in making the website responsive and quality rich. Oyes website ecommerce section offers a kind of flexibility to both the customers and website owners enriched with wide sets of butter smooth functionalities.

Diverse sets of features and specifications are included under the portal’s ecommerce section for the best user experience and enhanced product browsing functionalities including:-

  • Best content management functionalities for easiest product browsing experience.
  • Embedded tools supported with promotion and discount codes with the products.
  • SEO optimized layouts and codes for preferred listing by the search engines.
  • Easy to use checkout functionalities with versatile reporting tools.
  • Dedicated blog or article’s section for enriched user engagement.
  • E-mail marketing tool integration for maximized audience engagement.
  • Scaling up ability with the desired platform.
  • Availability of multiple payment options including Credit card, Debit card, UPI, PayPal etc to name a few.

In addition to the above, special focus is given towards the important website issues including Catalogue management, Customer management, Order management, Discount and Promotion management, Reporting and Feedback management etc to name a few. Every single magnetic effect of the portal is sufficient to attract the customers towards the website to experience a rich shopping experience without facing any problematic issues.

Click once and experience the smoothness of available product browsing

The Oyes website offers a wide range of product availability allowing the users to go through the listed products merely with a simple mouse click. The enhanced build up quality along with the availability of SEO optimized tools makes it easy for the customers to encounter enriched browsing experience without any issues. It is one of the best available platforms for a well settled business or even a new start up to list the products and experience the difference.

Availability of user specific and customized drag drop option

The platform offers fully customized drag and drop functionalities making it easy for the customers to make the catalogues of their preferred choice. The wanted products can easily get dragged and dropped with this awesome website feature increasing the user experience.

Flexibility of shopping from any internet enabled device

Unlike most of the other available online shopping platforms, the website offers a flexibility to shop from any of the devices of the user’s choice. The designed portal is highly responsive resulting which the users finds it convenient to shop from the handheld devices like cell phones, tablets etc even on the go. Shopping is now easier with the website making the buyers benefited with entire shopping advantages.

Flexibility with payment and taxation like options

Only buyer’s desire to purchase the product is more than sufficient. Rest everything is properly managed by the portal itself. Buyers no need to worry any more regarding flexible payments and taxation like options. Multiple purchasing options are there including Cards, UPI etc increasing the best purchasing experience.

Flexibility with product delivery

Entire set of best convenience is provided in terms of assured and on time product delivery. The delivery charges are subject to the individually ordered products along with the product weight. The delivery deadline is maintained with caution without any failure. The original product is delivered to the customers without any damage as per the company’s promise.

Payment processing after receiving the orders

The payment process is flexible with any kind of cards, wallets and UPIs. Such a facility attracts the diverse range of buyers everywhere to get in connection with the website without any queries. The wallet and UPI based facilities along with net banking like payment option permits the buyers to shop the desired product even on the go without any hassles. The shipping address can even get changed anytime as per the buyer’s desire.

Google equipped orders tracking and analytics

The website is dedicatedly equipped with the best embedded analytics services along with the available tools. Users can now be able to track the orders in real time with honest Google’s assurance. Purchase behavior pattern and the customer’s interest specific for any of the regions can even get tracked with complete accuracy and user’s satisfaction.