Get everything on a single click for online store!!

You want to grow your business; this is the right platform to get everything under the same umbrella. This is the best platform for either settled business or a new startup.

Use Customized drag & drop options

Do you want a customized catalog for your products or services? We are here to give you easy, drag and drop tools for a product catalog.

Shop from any device

We have designed a flexible and optimized shopping cart layout. Your customers can shop from any device; whether it is a desktop or mobile.

Payment and Taxation

We have provided dedicated automatic taxation for different regions and segments. You can shop using any type of currency


Delivery charges are calculated based on your weight and price. You can also change the shipping address as per your requirement.

Processing of payments

We accept all types of cards and wallets. You can shop using any of these options

Google tracking and analytics

We have embedded analytics services with our tools. You can analyze the purchase behavior pattern, customer interest specific for that region.